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With everything from delightful river cruises in some truly wonderful settings, to small ship cruises offering stunning scenery in beautiful reaches of the globe, guided tour packages for groups are a fantastic way to explore our diverse planet.

A guided tour package is simply a tour where a host or a guide is dedicated to you and your travel companions. Whether you’re touring the Vatican or steaming up the Amazon, you’ll find that our hosts and guides are proven experts in their locale, providing a layer of information and narrative that will enrich your experience.

Whether you’re part of a small or larger group, group travel packages encompass a rich array of options. Choose to join one of our group tours that fits in with your specific requirements. Or, opt to have a tour specifically built for your own unique group requirements, with either a host or a guide. If you’re seeking something special for you and your travel party, tailor-made tour packages are one of our specialties. We can expertly design your ideal tour for you and your companions.

Apart from being an excellent and efficient way to travel the world, guided travel will help take away the strain of planning for your adventure. In this structure, you’ll travel with a host or, if you prefer more privacy, arrangements will be made for the host to meet you in a specific area or place. You’ll still enjoy the benefits of their expertise, while also retaining that important element of independence.

We understand that each traveler is unique, and that the possibilities are endless. Talk to us about your ideas. Together, we’ll create a plan that will work for you and your group. We can help to make your journey the experience of a lifetime.

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Guided Tours

Join one of our many guided tours or let us create one for you and your group.

Current trips available:

Northern Italy – October 2020 (POSTPONED)

Southern Italy & Sicily Itinerary – September 2022

Israel Pastoral-guided – 2021

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