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Milan is the second-most populated city in Italy, is home to some of the most awe-inspiring art masterpieces in the world, and with such a wide variety of things to see and do, travelers may get a bit overwhelmed with planning their vacation there. To help alleviate the stress that can sometimes come with making a trip itinerary, we asked travelers in the Trip Advisors Travel Forums what they think visitors should and shouldn’t do when exploring the wondrous city of Milan, and here are their best tips:


  1. Don’t forget to arrive at Central station early so you have enough time to find your platform, look at the beautiful architecture, and explore the station’s shops and restaurants. (LuciaBrasca from Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  1. Don’t forget to buy your ticket in advance for the Last Supper This masterful piece of artwork is a must-see, and you want to ensure that you’ll be able to see it, as tickets tend to sell out quickly. (LuciaBrasca from Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  1. Don’t just focus on visiting major attractions.The Monumental Cemetery and the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio are worth a visit as well, along with La Scala for an opera show. Shopping on Via della Spiga is also something you need to experience. (Concettina from Zaragoza, Spain)
  1. Don’t come to Milan with your suitcase full, as you’ll want to have some extra room in your luggage for items that you’ll buy. There are affordable and trendy things to purchase, especially on Via Torino and Via Dante, two major shopping areas of the city. (Turwath from Madrid, Spain)


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II; Photo by TripAdvisor Traveler Me_n_my_rucksack


  1. Don’t forget to bring binoculars with you when you visit the Duomo–it’ll really help you see the magnificent architecture in greater detail, which will further bring the cathedral to life. (GFC57 from Punta del Este, Uruguay)
    1. Don’t forget to follow the dress code when visiting the Duomo and other churches in the city, which includes covering your arms and legs. (claucarfi from Buenos Aires, Argentina)
      1. Also, don’t limit yourself to only spending a short amount of time at the Duomo. Make sure you schedule enough time in your itinerary to fully explore it in all its architectural glory. (Turwath from Madrid, Spain)
      1. Don’t take the train from Milano Centrale station if you want to visit Lake Como. Instead, take it from Milano Cardona station. (Turwath from Madrid, Spain)
      1. Don’t miss a ride on the old tram. It offers great views of the old churches around the city. (GFC57 from Punta del Este, Uruguay)
      1. Don’t attempt to ride public transportation without paying your fare. While it may seem like transit regulation is lenient, this is not the case. To avoid paying a pricey fine, pay for your ticket! (carlosfranciscos2015 from Oslo, Norway)



      1. Don’t forget to order an “aperitivo” when you’re out. At many of the bars around the city, you can also get a drink in addition that will cost you no more than 10€. Oftentimes, the “aperitivo” is so hearty that it can be your dinner. (Sabin0S from Santa Fe, Argentina)


      1. Don’t forget to adjust your normal mealtime with Italian mealtime. You don’t want to discover that some restaurants are closed when you’re hungry. (IRENECARACAS from Caracas, Venezuela)


      1. Don’t miss out on a true Milanese experience at a coffee shop. If you pass by one and there are people dressed sophisticatedly, then chances are they are locals. This indicates the authenticity of the food and drinks! (IRENECARACAS from Caracas, Venezuela)


      1. Don’t forget to visit the 39th floor of Palazzo Lombardia. On Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm, visitors can go up and get a breathtaking view of the city. (IRENECARACAS from Caracas, Venezuela)


      1. Also, don’t forget to explore the Castello Sforzesco and walk through Parco Sempione, which surrounds it. The views are spectacular and one of a kind! (IRENECARACAS from Caracas, Venezuela)


    1. Don’t forget to visit the parts of the city that are off the beaten path, especially the lakes. They’ll definitely be worth your while. (Uruguayos2014 from Melo, Uruguay)

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