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March 17th - 28th, 2025

11 Days Guided by Bucket List Travel Tours

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Asia Guided Tour brought to you by Bucket List Travel Tours
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Bali (Celukan Bawang), Indonesia

Explore the hidden wonders of northern Bali from the busy port, where modern seagoing vessels mingle with traditional Bugis schooners, high-prowed wooden ships that have plied these waters for centuries. More electric charms await in Bali’s form capital of Singaraja, whose colonial Dutch influence contrasts with the island’s age old stone temples. Immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness of Bali Barat National Park, perhaps snorkeling among the luminous coral reefs surrounding Menjangan island or sighting the graceful Bali starling.

Semarang, Indonesia

Journey to the Javanese jungle and discover the temple of Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple (and a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Venture further to the Dieng Plateau to explore stunning scenery, volcanic vents and 8th century Hindu temples. Try out your negotiating skills on the street vendors and get a bargain on jewelry, bags, sarongs and others crafts. Celebrate your win over spicy dishes of vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. And don’t forget to touch the foot of a Buddha for luck before you leave.

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

The diverse capital of Malaysia blends colonial, Islamic and modern architecture, from the soaring Petronas Towers to the beautiful Masjid Jamek, once Kuala Lumpur’s main mosque. Get a bird’s eye view of the city from the open-air observation deck of the Kuala Lumpur Tower, the highest point in the city open to the public. Head to the air conditioned Central Market to browse its stalls and shops for all kinds of souvenirs, with no bargaining necessary.

David Sculpture Viewing

Nha Trang, Vietnam          

Situated on a picturesque bay, Nha Trang is known for its sandy beaches and on of the longest cable cars in the world. At two miles long, the cable car to Hon Tre island offers and amazing, mobile view over the bay. If history calls you, a visit to the Pa Nagar Cham Towers dating to 781 CE is in order. The intricate architechture, mosaics and garden of Long Song Pagoda will also reignite your wunderlust. Linger on the grounds, then climb 150 stone steps to the 70-foot-tall White Buddha at the top and enjoy a panoramic view of Nha Trang.


La Spezia Italy Guided Vacation by Bucket List Travel Tours

Singapore, Singapore 

Explore a compact, fascinating city-state that’s truly global. A onetime British trading post, it’s diverse past is reflected everwhere, from its old Chinese quarter and colorful Hindu temples to its modern skyscrapers and common language, English. Take a short cruise along the Singapore River or a pedicab ride through town, or enjoy the quiet at the National Orchid Garden. Interested in Asian medicine? A special medicinal restaurant can prescribe just the menu to help you feel your best.

Parma Excursion In Northern Italy
Asia is home to ancient civilizations and diverse cultures that span thousands of years. From the majestic temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the serene gardens of Kyoto in Japan, there are countless historical and cultural landmarks to explore. Asia offers a fascinating tapestry of traditions, art, music, architecture, and spirituality.

Asian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its incredible variety and flavors. Each country in Asia has its own unique culinary traditions, offering a wide range of dishes to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you’re indulging in aromatic curries in Thailand, savoring sushi in Japan, or enjoying spicy street food in India, Asian cuisine is a culinary adventure in itself.

Giotto's Bell Tower


Discover the rich heritage of Saigon and the Mekong Delta. You won’t forget a ride on a cycle rickshaw known locally as Xích Lô (“sick-low”)Sit back as your driver whisks you past pagodas, colonial architecture and vibrant markets. A nice contrast to the city is the lush countryside of rice paddies and tiny villages along the Mekong. The freshness of the food is highlighted by the phenomenal fusion of local cuisine, a unique blend of Asian spices and French cooking styles.


Turin Italy

Asia is blessed with breathtaking natural landscapes. From the stunning beaches of Bali and the Maldives to the lush rainforests of Borneo and the majestic Himalayan mountains, the continent offers diverse and awe-inspiring natural wonders. Travelers can explore picturesque landscapes, go trekking, relax on pristine beaches, and witness remarkable wildlife.

Asia is a continent of diverse landscapes, cultures, and experiences that can cater to every type of traveler. Whether you seek history, spirituality, natural beauty, adventure, or simply a taste of something new, Asia offers a wealth of opportunities for an unforgettable journey.

11 Days in Asia

March 17th – March 28th, 2025


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Asia Guided Tour

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