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I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell my traveling clients what to do about their existing travel plans and future travel plans during the coronavirus pandemic. With a specialty vacation trip planned to New York City during the Thanksgiving Parade and a guided tour planned to Northern Italy in the Fall, it’s a big question on Bucket List Travel Tours mind too!

The timing of the vacation right now is the biggest factor. I have not cancelled any trips…yet! What I’ve been telling my clients is that we should look to the CDC for the best advice. Here’s what CDC is saying at the time of this blog.

Question: Should I cancel my International Trip?
Your vacation date must still be pretty far out for you to ask this question, because many airlines have already canceled international trips. If you choose to travel internationally, be prepared for your travel plans to be disrupted and be stuck outside the United States for an indefinite amount of time. Why? Because many countries are implementing travel restrictions with little to no advance notice.

Question: Can I travel domestically?
Fair question. Domestic travel is still operating and rates are good. Flight availability is down, but if you are flexible you’re not restricted from traveling in the United States. To travel domestically, you may ask yourself, What’s my chance of getting the coronavirus? Because of how air circulates and is filtered on airplanes, the coronavirus, like other germs do not spread easily. I think it’s a valid question, and if you’re in a high-risk category I would definitely wear a mask to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. I would wash your hands every chance you can.

Question: Can I go on a cruise?
Bucket List Travel Tours recommends waiting it out a little longer. CDC also recommends that all travelers defer all cruise ship travel worldwide. The risk is high because it appears that COVID-19 spreads between travellers in close quarters.

We just need to be smart, and use our best judgement during these unchartered times. Bucket List Travel Tours is riding the waves with you and anxiously awaiting to get back to travelling with you!

Let’s look ahead and plan your 2021 trip!