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I never look at a list and say, “I can do ALL of these things”. It’s highly unlikely one can give up everything they are accustomed to doing—but if you pick 3-5 from the list below, you’ll be amazed the money you can save.

  • Stop the bottled water.
  • Go to the library instead of buying books. You can also get movies at the library.
  • Redbox instead of the movie theatre.
  • If you have Amazon Prime, drop Redbox and Netflix.
  • Call your Cable company to negotiate lower rates.
  • Do your own nails.
  • Potluck with friends instead of eating out.
  • Cut down on the amount of purchased coffee, brew at home.
  • Re-quote your insurances.
  • Buy gift cards at cardpool.com. Up to 35% off the face value.
  • Try clothes swapping instead of shopping.
  • Use all Reward programs that can save you money.
  • Consider giving homemade gifts, or gifts of time and talents.
  • Order only water when you go to a restaurant.
  • Garden share for fruits and veggies.
  • Shop the sales for groceries.
  • Have a wine tasting with friends to find the best, cheapest wines.
  • Switch to homemade cleaning products…pennies on the dollar.